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Without VFX, Iron Man 2 is the story of two men, with soft spots on their heads, getting into trouble in their pajamas.

I would still watch this movie. 

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TDS | 2013.04.30 | RDJ hush hush on Iron Man contract negotiations.

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Never 4get.

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“Call your mom. Can you bunk over?” :D

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Did you know: Chris Evans gets panic attacks. Yes, he does. This is one reason why he’s very private and didn’t really do any meet-and-greets on the Avengers’ sets.

It amazes and inspired me that a man who does what he does can do it, even with an anxiety disorder. You go, Chris.

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It’s really cute when boys talk about their fears bc it makes them vulnerable and easier to destroy

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Good old fashioned revenge.

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Official Life Ruiner

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